Jan 28

Consumer group accuses Allstate of overcharging Wisconsin auto insurance

Consumer group accuses Allstate of overcharging Wisconsin auto insurance
15 –A national consumer advocacy group is accusing insurance giant Allstate of using an illegal pricing model in Wisconsin and several other states to raise rates for customers who don't shop around for car insurance. The Washington, D.C. … Allstate …
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Rideshare Drivers May Benefit From New Insurance Products
by Alice Holbrook on January 27, 2015 | posted in Vehicle Insurance. Rideshare Drivers May Benefit From New Insurance … Rideshare drivers generally are not covered by their personal insurance policies and must rely on coverage provided by the …
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Concord: Out of state, out of mind
When submitting a claim for auto or life insurance, the insurance company writes a check and the consumer (usually) has the option of choosing where to go to consummate the deal. But with health insurance, the insurance company builds the network and …
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Jan 26

Swans Bred and Raised by Groens Wildlife Services Featured in Hallmark Channel Movie “Away & Back”

Cedar Lake, IN (PRWEB) January 23, 2015

Groen’s Wildlife Services provides animal control and removal services in Northwest Indiana and the Chicago suburbs and they also breed and raise swans on their farm in northern Indiana for rent or sale across the country. Some swans that were bred and raised on Groen’s farm are featured in the new Hallmark Channel movie, Away & Back in which a group of swans comes to live on a family’s farm and become the center of their world. Away & Back stars Jason Lee, Minka Kelly, and Maggie Elizabeth Jones and it airs Sunday January 25 at 8:00 pm Eastern time on the Hallmark Channel.

The movie AWAY & BACK is centered on the family of widowed Jack Peterson (Jason Lee) and their life on their farm after a group of swans moves in and starts living on their property. The family is happy to have the swans living on their farm but when ornithologist Ginny Newsome (Minka Kelly) appears to “save” the swans, she creates hostility between herself and Jack. As the movie progresses, the relationship between Jack and Ginny progresses into something entirely different. Groen’s Wildlife Services provided the swans seen in this movie from their farm in northern Indiana.

About Groen’s Wildlife Services

Groen’s Wildlife Services is located in Northwest Indiana and they provide wildlife control and removal services for Northwest Indiana and the Chicago suburbs. Their technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to effectively remove nuisance wildlife from homes and commercial property including raccoons, opossums, rodents, skunks, and birds. In addition to wildlife removal services, Groen’s also breeds and raises a variety of swan species which are available for rent locally and for purchase nationwide. Their available swan species include whooper swans, trumpeter swans, black swans, and mute swans among others and they can be used to drive troublesome geese away from a property. For more information call Groen’s Wildlife Services at (219) 678-2816 or visit groenswildlifeservices.com.

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Jan 25

Study: Small businesses dumping employee health insurance

Research: small enterprises dumping worker wellness insurance coverage
The research found that of small businesses that provided medical health insurance within the last couple of years, only 40 per cent intend to provide insurance coverage in 2015 and just 28 per cent in 2016. “I'm not saying these escalating health care costs are due to the ACA. We only …
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Resistance stated insurance coverage proposed by Reilly was merely another tax
Universal medical insurance (UHI) was to be the centrepiece regarding the Government's bold wellness solution reform programs. The proposed brand-new system to end the current two-tier wellness solution ended up being championed highly by the former minister for wellness James …
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Jan 23

Tis the Season: Enjoy A More Rewarding Shopping Experience During the PenFed Holiday Cash Giveaway

Alexandria Va. (PRWEB) December 16, 2014

Tis the season and PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) is giving its cardholders more ways to reward themselves during the credit union’s promotional Holiday Cash Giveaway.

PenFed has received an impressive string of accolades on many of the Cards in its portfolio this past year from: CardHub, GoBankingRates.com, MagnifyMoney.com, and Credit.com—and the Holiday Cash Giveaway is yet another reason why one of PenFed’s impressive award-winning credit cards should adorn any holiday shopper’s wallet.

Holiday Cash Giveaway Rules: Now through December 25, 2014, when PenFed cardholders use a PenFed branded Visa Card, MasterCard, or American Express® Card for purchases, cardholders will be entered into PenFed’s Holiday Cash Giveaway. Each purchase transaction qualifies the cardholder entry in, and a chance to win, one of PenFed’s daily cash drawings. The following two promotional giveaway periods remain:

Round Three: December 16- 20
Round Four: December 21-25

For complete Holiday Cash Giveaway details for Round Three, visit http://www.penfed.org/holiday-giveaway/.

To apply for a credit card with PenFed, a credit union membership is required; and a PenFed membership makes the perfect gift. To learn more about PenFed and apply for the credit card, visit PenFed.org/credit-card-overview/.

About PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union)

Established in 1935, PenFed is one of the largest credit unions in the country serving over 1.3 million members worldwide; with more than $ 19 billion in assets. Its longstanding mission has been to provide superior financial services, responsive to members’ needs in a cost effective manner. PenFed offers market leading mortgages, automobile loans, credit cards, checking, and a wide-range of other financial services with its members’ interests always in mind. Serving a diverse population, there are many ways to become a PenFed member; including numerous association members and employee groups. PenFed is federally insured by the NCUA and is an equal housing lender. PenFed does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. For more information about PenFed, call 800-247-5626 or visit PenFed.org.

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Jan 22

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Helps Clients Determine if a Policy Is Right for Them

(PRWEB) January 17, 2015

Carinsuranceshoppingsource.com has introduced a article explaining how exactly to compare on line car insurance estimates to locate an inexpensive and beneficial plan.

Customers can use car insurance quotes for more information on various policies. Evaluating prices could also be helpful all of them discover cheap coverage for automobiles. Some policies provides numerous advantages of a car or truck owner.

Obligation auto insurance although necessary generally in most states, may well not deliver needed coverage. Some motorists may require collision or extensive protection when they own a pricey vehicle.

Whatever their needs could be, motorists are in possession of usage of a straightforward approach to searching for auto insurance quotes. An internet site like http://carinsuranceshoppingsource.com/ can provide most of the necesary tools for finding inexpensive plans.

Carinsuranceshoppingsource.com is an on-line supplier of life, residence, wellness, and car insurance quotes. This amazing site is unique given that it doesn’t just stick to one sorts of insurer, but brings the customers the best discounts from different web insurance coverage providers. This way, customers get access to offers from numerous providers all in one spot: this site. On this website, customers have access to estimates for insurance plans from different agencies, including local or nationwide agencies, brands insurers, etc.

Carinsuranceshoppingsource.com is owned by website marketing business.

Jan 20

Lowest Cost Gold Bars and Safest Gold Investment Launched

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 13 November 2014

Zero Premium Gold, a new low cost and safer gold investment, has been launched today by international gold broker, GoldCore. It allows investors internationally to invest in physical gold bars at the lowest prices in the market. Investors can now own gold bars at a record low premium of just 0% which is at the live market spot gold price.

Zero Premium Gold is as cost effective as gold ETFs and other gold investment vehicles with the added security of outright ownership of the underlying physical asset.

High charges or premiums for gold bars have made investors wary of physical gold bars in the past and led to the success of online gold account providers with pooled allocated accounts and gold exchange traded funds (ETFs).

GoldCore have offered gold storage since 2004 and now offer storage in London, Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong and Perth. Gold bars are legally owned by clients and stored in allocated and segregated accounts reducing counter party risk.

Most investors have only recently contemplated the idea of including gold in their portfolios. For many the easiest and cheapest route to get this exposure has been through gold ETFs. These ETFs give investors easy access to gold through shares that make them owners of a trust that owns gold. The attraction for investors is that they can buy and sell these gold shares as easily as they can any other share.

However, ETF buyers do not own the underlying physical asset and are unsecured creditors of the providers. Gold ETF prospectus’ are often complex with a high level of indemnification and attendant unappreciated risk.

Author Dominic Frisby, MoneyWeek’s expert commentator on gold and commodities, welcomes the new gold investment: “Everybody should own some gold. In the east they do; in the west we don’t. One day we could all wake up and discover this to be a costly mistake. Goldcore’s new Zero Premium Gold is a cheap and safe way to buy, sell and store allocated metal – a welcome addition to today’s investment landscape.”

“We are privileged to have clients, including individuals, companies, charities, brokers, family offices and even hedge funds, who often store gold with us for many years. Many view gold as a way to preserve wealth and pass it on to the next generation, therefore we feel it is important that we are very competitive on price,” GoldCore CEO Stephen Flood said.

“Gold rose when stocks and bonds fell before and during the global financial crisis. Gold has fallen in recent years as stock and bond markets performed well. It plays an important role in stabilising and reducing volatility in the overall portfolio and as financial insurance to protect against market volatility and crashes and currency devaluation,” according to Flood.

“Gold is once more being considered as an important asset to have in diversified portfolios and this is an attractive new gold investment offering ” according to Dr Constantin Gurdgiev, respected finance professor at Trinity College Dublin, and an academic who has published papers on the gold market today.

“This new gold investment provides investors with higher security and lower cost access to purchasing and storing long-term holdings of gold. It offers a welcome avenue for further risk diversification and cost management of well-diversified investment portfolios” said Dr Gurdgiev.


About GoldCore

Founded in 2003, GoldCore are international gold brokers who are expert in the execution, delivery and storage of gold and silver coins and bars.

GoldCore have over 4,000 clients in over 45 countries, with over $ 205 million in assets under management. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion storage services in London, Zurich, Perth, Hong Kong and Singapore are offered to mass affluent and HNW investors and pension owners, financial advisers, brokers, family offices and other institutional investors.

GoldCore’s bullion trading platform is one of the most sophisticated and safest in the industry. Client’s bullion coins and bars are individually allocated & segregated under direct client control and ownership. Bullion is owned in ultra-safe vaults strictly outside the global banking system.

GoldCore’s research has been quoted and featured in international media – on CNBC, CNN, Reuters, the Financial Times and Bloomberg. It provides insights into the importance of diversification and the importance of owning precious metals as part of diversified investment and pension portfolios.

About Zero Premium Gold

Lowest cost gold bars in market at just 0% premium to buy
Comparable in costs to ETF over 5 year timeframe
Gold bars are securely stored in world class facilities in Via Mat International and Brink’s
Gold bars are stored in the safest jurisdictions in the world – Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong
Gold bars are LBMA approved bars – Minimum order of 4 kilo bars
Clients have direct ownership of gold bars in fully allocated, fully segregated accounts
Liquidity – Buy and sell whenever want at competitive prices
Minimum one year storage contract – Low storage fee of 49 bps to 69 bps per annum
Monitor holdings and valuations by logging onto Goldcore.com and storage providers
Gold bar holdings audited daily by GoldCore and annually by internationally recognised auditors
Transfer holdings in and out of storage and across jurisdictions
View holdings in person and take delivery of gold in whichever format wish
Unrivalled transparency and security

For further information, please contact: Mark O’Byrne, Head of Research

t: +353 1 6325010 t:    e: mark.obyrne(at)goldcore(dot)com    

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Jan 19

Business Insurance USA Announces Key Insurance Options for Film Studios and Related Film Services Companies

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2014

Business Insurance USA announced key insurance coverage options today for the TV, movie and video production industries. The new coverage now makes it convenient for film studios and service companies to obtain general liability insurance, errors and omissions coverage, and commercial umbrella insurance at easily manageable rates.

The various types of liability insurance announced today ensures that film production and video service companies in twenty separate states are able to protect themselves from common risks associated with their industry. General liability protects these companies in the event that an accident causes either physical injuries or bodily harm. It also provides coverage for other types of liability including personal and advertising injuries. E&O insurance protects against allegations of harm caused due to professional errors, while umbrella coverage provides a way to extend the levels of coverage as necessary.

“Film studios have a lot of things happening all at once, and unfortunately that means an accident can occur at any time,” explained Gary Fisher, the Executive Director at Business Insurance USA. “So we make sure to provide industry specific general liability insurance to help protect against those types of risks right from the start. What many video production service companies may not realize is that this also protects them if accusations arise over property damages, intellectual property misuses in advertising, and even personal injuries. Additionally providing professional liability, or E&O, means that the film production studios and service companies are also protected if they make a professional error.”

About Business Insurance USA

Business Insurance USA is an insurance agency that provides many levels of commercial coverage to multiple industries and professions. They provide cost suitable options for several types of coverage including errors and omissions or professional liability, general liability, commercial auto coverage, workers comp insurance and business owners policies. Coverage options can be tailored to fit the individual company’s budget and risk levels.

To learn more about Business Insurance USA, visit http://www.businessinsuranceusa.com

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Jan 18

Best High Risk Car Insurance Prices for 2015 Featured at New Insurance Website

North Park, CA (PRWEB) January 06, 2015

United states motorists who will be defined as a risk to an insurance coverage company are often expected to get a bonded plan for protection. The Quotes Pros organization is including just what may be the most readily useful high-risk insurance coverage prices in 2015 from national businesses which can be viewed at http://www.quotespros.com/auto-insurance.html.

The blend of companies which are available nowadays to examine while using the Quotes Pros web portal should assist somebody who has to obtain an SR22 car insurance quote look for state acknowledged protection. The real time database this is certainly today functional without charge has-been enhanced with 2015 information for automobile owners.

“more risky motorists on the way within the U.S. are an obligation for insurance companies and our bodies is helping to expose inexpensive prices for risk amount programs,” stated one Quotes Pros origin.

The latest price database which has been upgraded on Quotes Pros web site also includes unique rates for general protection. Unlike the bonded guidelines available, the general programs include various other platforms of coverage that could be suitable for single or multi-car drivers. Programs for state minimal, full coverage, modified and wide kind are now actually searchable this year.

“the automobile proprietors who will utilize our database do not have to give out their personal information because we just require a zip rule to match providers to motorists,” stated the source.

The Quotes Pros company portal was initially put in on line in 2013 and assisted drivers discover regional insurers to learn prices. The device updates which were included since the initial development period have triggered even more nationwide organizations being searchable. Motorists will today have the ability to research term life insurance in addition to homeowner insurance at http://quotespros.com/life-insurance.html.

About QuotesPros.com

The QuotesPros.com business is certainly one the largest internet portals to locate and review rates from numerous insurance agencies nationwide. The company provides usage of businesses that provide multiple types of protection when you look at the U.S. The QuotesPros.com business has actually focused its site around a database that is completely obtainable through a zip signal system which can be found for motorists to make use of everyday locate reasonable prices for protection.

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Jan 16

Hoop Group’s NJ Tip Off to Take Place in West Orange This Weekend

Neptune, New Jersey (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

The 15th Annual Hoop Group Tip ­Off-Classic  will host a total of nine games Saturday, December 20 and Sunday, December 21, 2014,. Four games will be held Saturday and five games Sunday at the spacious new West Orange High School gymnasium.

The first game will tip-off at 1:30 on Saturday and at 12:00 on Sunday.

The Hoop Group Tip ­Off Classic provides for some of the most exciting match-­ups of the High School Basketball Season. The schedule includes virtually all of the best high school programs in New Jersey including nationally ranked Roselle Catholic.

The Game Schedule

Saturday ­ December 20, 2014 – West Orange High School, West Orange NJ

    Home                    Visitor

1:30    East Orange            vs.    Paterson Eastside

3:10    Don Bosco Prep                vs.    CBA

4:50    Teaneck                    vs.    Gill St. Bernards

6:30    Columbia                    vs.    Seton Hall Prep

Sunday ­ December 21, 2014 –West Orange High School, West Orange NJ

    Home                             Visitor

12:00West Orange                vs.    Union Catholic

1:40    St. Patrick’s            vs.    Bergen Catholic

3:20    Newark East Side        vs.    St. Anthony

5:00    Roselle Catholic            vs.    Blair

6:40    Linden                vs.    Hun


Nationally ranked: Roselle Catholic #5 USA Today, #9 MaxPreps

The top 5 teams in New Jersey ranked by NJ Hoops: #1 Roselle Catholic, #2 St. Anthony’s, #3 St. Patrick’s, #4 Gill St. Bernards, #5 Linden

6 of the Top 10 teams in New Jersey ranked by NJ Hoops: #1 Roselle Catholic, #2 St. Anthony’s, #3 St. Patrick’s, #4 Gill St. Bernards, #5 Linden, #9 Seton Hall Prep

10 of the Top 15 teams in New Jersey ranked by NJ Hoops: #1 Roselle Catholic, #2 St. Anthony’s, #3 St. Patrick’s, #4 Gill St. Bernards, #5 Linden, #9 Seton Hall Prep, #11 Don Bosco, #12 Paterson Eastside, #13 CBA, #15 Newark East Side


SENIORS: Isaiah Briscoe – Roselle Catholic #9 Rivals.com, #13 ESPN, Chris Silva – Roselle Catholic #96 ESPN, #133 Rivals.com, Markis McDuffie – St. Anthony #92 ESPN

JUNIORS: Tyus Battle – Gill St. Bernards – #14 ESPN, #15 Rivals.com, Temple Gibbs – Seton Hall Prep #37 ESPN, #69 Rivals.com, Jagan Mosely – St. Anthony #101 Rivals.com, Bryce Aiken – St. Patrick’s #127 Rivals.com

COMMITTED PLAYERS: Isaiah Briscoe – Roselle Catholic – Kentucky, Chris Silva – Roselle Catholic – South Carolina, Markis McDuffie – St. Anthony’s – Wichita State, Elijah Burns – Blair – Notre Dame, Tim Delaney – Blair – Villanova, Pierfrancesco Oliva – Bergen Catholic – St. Joseph’s, Pierre Sarr – Roselle Catholic – Monmouth, Lonnie Rivera – Don Bosco – American, Isaiah Still – Union Catholic – Robert Morris, Donovan Wright – Blair – Cornell, Mohamed Bendary – St. Anthony’s – NJIT, Jack Laffey – CBA – Adelphi


SENIORS: Isaiah Briscoe – Roselle Catholic #1, Markis McDuffie – St. Anthony #5, Chris Silva – Roselle Catholic #6, Eli Burns – Blair #7, Tim Delaney – Blair #9, Isaiah Still – Union Catholic #10, Pierfrancesco Oliva – Bergen Catholic #12, Pierre Sarr – Roselle Catholic #16, Kelly Hogan – Seton Hall Prep #19, Donovan Wright – Blair #25, Ganlandou Cisse – Roselle Catholic #27, Mike Runcie – Columbia #30, Asem Johnson – Paterson Eastside #32, Otis Livingston – Linden #36, Jonas Stakeliunas – Gill St. Bernards #46, Ahmad Harrison – Newark East Side #48, Marquel Sheffield – Paterson Eastside #49, Josh Carter – Linden #50, Taj Price – Newark East Side #54, Juwan Dolbrice – Linden #55, Jack Laffey – CBA #60.

JUNIORS: Tyus Battle – Gill St. Bernards #1, Temple Gibbs – Seton Hall Prep #2, Jagan Mosely – St. Anthony #3, Asante Gist – Roselle Catholic #4, Bryce Aiken – St. Patrick’s #5, Matt Bullock – Roselle Catholic #6, Taurean Thompson – St. Anthony #9, Pat Andree – CBA #11, Cyril Langevine – Patrick School #12, Fatir Hines – St. Patrick’s #20, Idris Joyner – St. Anthony #21, Javarius Hayes – St. Anthony #26, Brandon Anderson – Don Bosco #31, Julius Stoma – Gill St. Bernards #33, R’keem Dixon – Linden #34, Shyquan Gibbs – St. Anthony #37, Steve Ferraro – Seton Hall Prep #40, Adam Mitola – Gill St. Bernards #54, Jack McGuire – CBA #58

SOPHOMORES: Jamil Harris – St. Patrick’s #3, Leondre Washington – Teaneck #4, Robert Cole – St. Anthony #5, Bul Ajar-Ajang – St. Patrick’s #7, Marcus McClary – St. Patrick’s #8, Matt Turner – Blair #11, Darnell Brodie – Newark East Side #13, Tyrese Jenkins – St. Anthony #25, Elijah Olaniyi – Newark East Side #26, Taj Benning – Bergen Catholic #30, Amadu Benbow – Newark East Side #31, Brandon Hampton – St. Patrick’s #32, Jaiyer Jinwright – Newark East Side #36

FRESHMAN: Nazreon Reid – Roselle Catholic #1, Koko Buay – St. Patrick’s #3, Jaquaye James – Teaneck #5, Justin Winston – West Orange #8, Louis King – #7 Roselle Catholic, Aaron Clarke – Roselle Catholic #8, Tavon Jones – Linden #9, Marquise Nowell – St. Anthony #11, Chauncey Sterling – St. Anthony #14, Dallas Hoffman – Gill St. Bernards #16, Mike Watkins – Union Catholic #19, Rodrique Massenat – Patrick School #20

For More Information: HoopGroup.com

Kim Waiters 732-­502­-2255 


For Media Credential

Contact James Albano



Tickets also available at the door.

Student Tickets are only $ 8

Adult Tickets $ 12

About the Hoop Group

The Hoop Group is a comprehensive basketball company dedicated to fulfilling dreams by providing student athletes, parents and coaches the best instruction, competition and exposure. It is one of the largest basketball instruction organizations in the world with fifteen separate entities that encompass over 28,000 student ­athletes and 3,000 high school, collegiate, AAU and youth league coaches. The Hoop Group is committed to help make each individual player realize their full potential and develop a lifelong love of the game. The Hoop Group’s alumni list reads as a “Who’s Who” of the basketball world, including Mosses Malone, Julius “Doctor J” Erving, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Bob Knight, Chuck Daly, Billy Donovan and many more. As a family owned and operated business for over four decades, The Hoop Group staff works tirelessly to insure that each event participant, coach and sponsor receives the personal attention they desire.

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Jan 15

Ex-Kansas Insurance Agent Gets Prison Sentence for Client, Company Theft

Ex-Kansas Insurance Agent Gets Prison Sentence for Client, Company Theft
In his plea, Pennington admitted committing fraud while working as an agent for State Farm Insurance. Prosecutors allege he forged a client's signature to obtain a $ 105,000 loan from a Phoenix life Insurance Co. policy. In another wire fraud count …
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State Farm Still Can't Duck TCPA Class Claims
Law360, New York (January 14, 2015, 2:02 PM ET) — An Illinois federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a plaintiff from a proposed Telephone Consumer Protection Act class action alleging that State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. is vicariously liable …
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