Apr 27

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Powersoft Brings Immersive Audio To The National Automobile Museum
Reno, NV, March 31, 2015: Since 1989, The National Automobile Museum has been educating and entertaining the millions of international visitors who pass through its doors. The extensive exhibit consists of four galleries and over 200 exquisite vehicles …
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A.M.BestTV: 'First Monday': U.S. Automobile Insurance Model Transforming
OLDWICK, N.J. –(BUSINESS WIRE)– This second of four “First Monday” episodes explores the U.S. automobile insurance industry, as A.M. Best Vice President Richard Attanasio discusses how usage-based data and advances in automobile technologies …
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Automobile Mutual Insura State Acquires 5145 Shares of State Auto Financial
State Auto Financial Corp logo State Auto Financial Corp (NASDAQ:STFC) major shareholder Automobile Mutual Insura State acquired 5,145 shares of State Auto Financial Corp stock on the open market in a transaction dated Friday, April 10th. The stock …
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Apr 25

TU-Automotive: Wawanesa Insurance to Discuss How UBI Can Produce Happy, Loyal Customers

(PRWEB) March 03, 2015

While it is clear that the prospect of reduced premiums is the primary reason why young Canadian drivers are signing up to UBI policies, more mature audiences may need a greater value proposition to be enticed. Due to current regulations, the application of UBI in Canada is in a very stripped-back form. Its full capability is starting to be realised in the US and Europe where tracking, predictive maintenance, emergency breakdown services are at the top of the value-added services wish-list. These concepts are in their infancy in Canada and the core responsibilities of how such products are managed needs to be worked out between insurer and service provider. The panellist on the session will be Nino Tarantino, CEO at Octo North America and Amanda Evenson, Manager, Product Innovation at Wawanesa.

Jack Palmer, Project Director for the conference commented, “With dongle devices costing upwards of $ 150, a business model needs to be worked out whereby it becomes viable for insurance carriers to offer consumers a UBI product. While surcharging not permitted in Ontario, other revenue streams need to be found and value-added services could be the missing piece of the puzzle.” He continued, “Wawanesa and Octo are in a fantastic position to give our delegates the view from both sides of the insurance telematics ecosystem”.

The Insurance Telematics Canada 2015 Conference & Exhibition (23rd-24 April 2015, Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto) will unite the emerging technical players of the UBI space with Canada’s biggest insurance carriers and brokers, making this a must-attend event to coincide with the recent rapid expansion of the industry.

For the conference program and speaker line-up, access the e-brochure at: http://1.tu-auto.com/LP=561 or contact the TU-Automotive team at insurancecanada@tu-auto.com

For all the latest updates from Insurance Telematics Canada 2015, visit: http://www.tu-auto.com/insurance-telematics-canada/

Register by March 27 via the secure link below to take advantage of a $ 100 saving on all conference passes: http://www.tu-auto.com/insurance-telematics-canada/register.php

About TU-Automotive:

Tracking Automotive Technology: TU-Automotive is the reference point and communications hub for the evolving automotive technology segment as it converges with consumer electronics, mobile and IoT to re-define connectivity, mobility and autonomous use-cases.


Jack Palmer

Project Director | TU-Automotive

7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK

T: +44 (0) 20 7375 7572 (Global)/1 800 814 3459 ext 7572 (USA Toll Free)


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Apr 24

LawToolBox Launches Court Deadline 365 App for Clio

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

For law firms that are moving to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, LawToolBox has launched a new Outlook app where attorneys can calculate their deadlines for Clio entirely from within their Outlook. The “LawToolBox Court Deadline 365 App for Clio” can be accessed either from within the Clio Marketplace or on Microsoft’s Office.com/store. This is the first matter-centric deadline management product LawToolBox has submitted to the Office store. To use this new app for Outlook 365, an attorney simply downloads the app, sets up and activates a LawToolBox account, connects the app to their Clio account, and then can start calculating deadlines. When the attorney or paralegal starts to type the matter name, LawToolBox will auto-complete the rest of the matter name and basic case info using information from the users Clio account. The first time using the “calculate deadlines” wizard for a specific case, the user will select the state, toolset, and trigger date. Deadlines can be directly synced into the users Clio account, and/or can be sent to experts using Google calendar, witnesses using iCal, or insurance agents using Lotus Notes using the LawToolBox calendar service. The fee for this stand-alone deadline product is based on the number of Clio subscribers in a firm ($ 40/month first user, and $ 20/month each subsequent user).

Later this month, the Clio integration will be incorporated into the LawToolBox online deadline management system that law firms have been using since 1999. This integration of Clio with the “full suite” of LawToolBox deadline management products will include off-the-shelf and custom reporting, customization of court rules, email reminders, audit trails, build your own deadline templates, sync to multiple calendars and more!

“We’re incredibly excited to offer this integration as a valuable tool for Clio customers to utilize for calendaring automation and malpractice avoidance,” said Jack Newton, Clio CEO and Co-Founder. “Any technology which enables lawyers to be more successful at their jobs certainly deserves a place within the Clio ecosystem.”

“With this new deadline app for Clio, litigators can stop burning through litigation budgets by rummaging through the rules of procedure and counting deadlines on fingers, and they can instead focus on the substantive issues that will win or lose their cases,” said Jack Grow, President of LawToolBox. Using this technology, other third party applications can easily integrate their systems with LawToolBox.

Even if you just start with our basic calculator, with LawToolBox as your deadline management partner, as your practice grows and changes you can grow and transition into even more powerful deadline management tools. An attorney can start with a basic calculator and then in 2 years when their practice has expanded they can graduate to a full-blown deadline management system. As a small firm grows, and uses great legal products like Clio, LawToolBox has the tools to grow with them.

Apr 23

How To Find Discount Life Insurance

With the uncertainties that can befall any family, many people are looking into discount life insurance. If they are not insured through a job, it can be a challenge to find a quality life plan on their own. Nonetheless, many individuals successfully find plans through a number of means including Internet research, recommendations from family and friends, and through brokers licensed to sell different insurance policies. These different methods will be discussed in further detail below.

To begin, people can find quality and discounted life policies through Internet research. They can enter key search terms on the major search engines and look at what comes up in detail. They do need to proceed with caution when solely looking online to make decisions, however. Scams unfortunately have been known to be advertised through different websites. At the same time, many reputable firms abound. It would thus be best to conduct Internet research and then to verify that companies are legitimate and to speak with actual representatives from the firms about what they have to offer.

Recommendations from family and friends are also great ways to find solid discounted policies. These are people who can be trusted to give their experiences with different carriers. They may know of solid plans with low premiums and excellent customer service as well.

Last but not least, brokers can direct people to solid plans. These brokers or even the plans themselves may be advertised on television or through other media. Typically they sell an umbrella of policies including those relating to life and health insurance. Their industry experience can match clients up with policies at the right prices.

In conclusion, there are many ways that people can find quality and discounted life policies. These include through Internet research, recommendations from family and friends, and through brokers licensed to sell different plans.

AllYourInsuranceQuotes.com (http://www.allyourinsurancequotes.com/) is about Discount Life Insurance, Home Insurance, and More.

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Apr 21

HealthOS Software to Assist 100M Americans in Pain

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

HealthOS Launches Software to Assist over 100M Americans Living with Daily Chronic Pain.

“Estimates suggest that 20% of adults suffer from pain globally and 10% are newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year. Nevertheless, the problem of pain has primarily been regarded as a medical problem, and has been little addressed by the field of public health.”-1

Integrating a team of physicians, data & clinical scientists and software developers, HealthOS, L.L.C., has built the ultimate information system and workflow tool for pain. PainCareOS is solving the highly problematic parts of pain management: risk management; painkiller therapy; addiction/abuse detection; behavioral health; aiding poor sleep; laboratory testing; long-term treatment planning; and data collection for government. PainCareOS is HIPAA compliant software that will assist doctors everywhere improve quality of care and optimize clinical management and revenue.

PainCareOS will also help engage patients to be more involved in their treatment – something that patients have wanted desperately. With the use of tablets in the waiting rooms, patients will answer questionnaires, track their own progress, get more connected to the treatment options, and ultimately become more engaged in their care. By increasing the quality time spent with pain patients, early results for PainCareOS have shown that staff and patient collaboration improved as had overall patient satisfaction.

“Clinicians, in private practice or in hospitals, are often missing the critical points in pain management: addressing the cause of pain; medication safety; uncovering underlying mental issues; gathering evidence to support their patients’ claims; determining risk of treatment/surgery; monitoring progress and outcomes; and helping doctors navigate a sea of sometimes unproven alternative therapies. It’s the chronic body-wide suffering that accompanies pain that can be frustrating for both the healthcare provider and the patient,” says Dr Ketan Patel, CEO of HealthOS and pain physician/educator. “There is no easy fix for the disastrous effects of chronic pain on a person and their family/community”.

One of the toughest challenges for any physician treating pain is keeping track of hundreds of pieces of information about each unique patient, addressing the hundreds / thousands of treatment options, and then having to make sense of this in the 5 minutes they typically have.

PainCareOS has been developed by pain management teams to focus on tracking this information for busy pain centers and hospitals, providing the ability to keep up with the amount of information using existing office computers, tablets or mobile devices, driven by a secure internet portal. “PainCareOS is an extremely easy to use – ‘out of the box’ – solution. Early trials of our pre-release software led to a 9 minute average reduction in time spent by patients completing waiting room paperwork,” says Chris Burgess, VP Information Technology. He adds, “Anticipated ongoing improvements will mostly be encountered inside the clinical exam room as well. Our most important advance will be understanding of the entire spectrum of a patient on a dashboard that is just not possible in the paper realm or with conventional EHR’s.”

By providing a single source for all patient, testing and clinical documentation, PainCareOS helps bring a holistic picture of the pain sufferer to the fore front and enables both clinician and patient to choose the most impactful and critical (in some cases, insurance-eligible only) treatment options.

“PainCareOS has also been developed to meet the demands of hospitals administrators who must increasingly monitor patient satisfaction ratings and mandatory federal data collection, while maintaining excellence in risk management. PainCareOS helps to take the burden off of hospital staff working with limited resources and at this level of detail,” says Andrew Bouchat, VP Business Affairs & Marketing at HealthOS.

“Population Health starts at the Point-of-Care. PainCareOS has been developed to work with or without an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, allowing even small family practices with basic standalone computer systems connected to the internet to work with PainCareOS,” says VP Adam Davis of HealthOS. “We built our work flows around the patient, medical assistants and doctors/nurse practitioners so that our clinical decision support was validated at each detailed step of the work flow.”

“Seven in ten Americans feel that pain research and management should be one of the medical community’s top few priorities (16%) or a high priority (55%).”1

“HealthOS is hoping to take its pain management platform into a connected and population-focussed future. Our vision is to help further bridge the gap between risks and benefits of pain therapies, including ways to engage the patient at home through secure portals. HealthOS plans to consider population health data at the point-of-care so clinicians and hospital executives can see how similar patient’s responded and how making cost-effective decisions in collaboration with insurance providers and stakeholders will aid in clinical research to help advance the field of pain medicine,” says Dr Patel.

PainCareOS is being unveiled at HIMSS 15, Booth 5231, April 13-16 in Chicago.

About HealthOS, L.L.C.

HealthOS is a privately held partnership between Next Healthcare USA Technologies Inc. and Medical Information Records, LLC. (developer of AnesthesiaOS, http://www.AnesthesiaOS.com – an award winning Anesthesia Information Management System). Headquartered at 9020 North Capital of Texas Hwy, Building 1, Suite 210, Austin, Texas 78759. HealthOS is a collaboration of North American pain physicians and information technology veterans.

You can reach us at info@paincareos.com or at 1-844-527-4993.

For media inquiries, contact Andrew Bouchat: andrew@paincareos.com

For a quick overview, visit our website http://www.PainCareOS.com.

1-BMC Public Health 2011, 11:770 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-770

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Apr 20

Life Insurance for Senior Citizens – 3 Important Policies For Retirement

(PRWEB) April 15, 2015

Affordableseniorlifeinsurance.com has released a new blog post presenting 3 life insurance plans that can be affordable and advantageous for senior citizens.

Senior citizens can afford a life insurance policy. There are many agencies that offer coverage for older people. Comparing online life insurance quotes is a great way to find affordable prices in a fast and convenient way.

Life insurance is important for senior citizens. A policy can guarantee minimum financial stability for vulnerable family members who may have to cover funeral expenses in case the insured dies.

In order to compare quotes, clients will have to visit a single insurance brokerage website like: http://www.affordableseniorlifeinsurance.com/. The website provides free access to all the information on it, so comparing quotes is free.

Affordableseniorlifeinsurance.com is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc.

Affordableseniorlifeinsurance.com is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit http://www.affordableseniorlifeinsurance.com    .

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Apr 18

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Quotes Added to Insurer Search System for Adults Online

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 06, 2015

Shopping for life coverage plans as an adult will now be easier through usage of the Quotes Pros website this year. Consumers can now generate guaranteed acceptance life insurance quotes from the new providers that are featured in the company research system now setup at http://quotespros.com/life-insurance.html.

One of the selling points of the guaranteed policies for men and women is that no medical exam is needed. After the quotation process, a person only has to agree to the monthly premiums in order to start a short or long-term coverage plan. Every quotation that is now presented in the system comes from specialized insurers inside the USA.

“Some adults do not qualify for a preferred policy and might end up paying higher rates for coverage, and our system is helping to introduce policy types that all people will quality for,” said one Quotes Pros rep.

Because insurers on a national level underwrite coverage based on age or current health status of an adult, pricing can and will vary when agencies are compared. The Quotes Pros portal does allow searches for term, whole and universal plans from providers that offer discounts in some parts of the country.

“The insurer portal that we’ve built is now updated several times weekly with agencies that are supplying a range of medical coverage plans,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company website is also featuring ways to explore and compare home insurance plans this year aside from adult life insurance. A person who enters the company database of insurers to research can now choose state level homeowner insurance coverage providers to review policy prices.

About QuotesPros.com

The QuotesPros.com company offers Americans the opportunity to find, quote or purchase top insurance company policies through help from its website. The company has introduced one of the first national search tools to find plans of coverage. The QuotesPros.com company uses a networked platform that arranges providers by city zip codes to match consumer requests for policy types on the web.

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Apr 17

Affordable Auto Insurance Plans Featuring Comprehensive Coverage Now

Affordable Auto Insurance Plans Featuring Comprehensive Coverage Now
American motor vehicle owners who do not have comprehensive coverage protection in a regular vehicle insurance policy will now be available to find new plans at the Insurance Pros USA website. There are now affordable auto insurance plans that feature …
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The Reason Why a Jewish Kindergarten Can't Get Insurance Coverage Should
The European Jewish Kindergarten, located less than a mile away from the European Union headquarters in the Belgian capital of Brussels, has been informed that its insurance carrier will not be renewing the school's policy. Why? Because, according to …
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3 Ways to Avoid Costly Rental Car Insurance
But I am also frugal, so there is often a tug-of-war going on in my head when I rent a car: do I pay for the rental car company's coverage or not? Purchasing it can literally double the cost of a car rental. Sometimes the coverage is even more …
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Apr 15

Driverless cars and death: The best job of 2015

Driverless cars and death: The best job of 2015
Property and casualty actuaries develop auto insurance premium rates. And government actuaries in Washington, D.C., evaluate the long-term costs of Social Security in light of the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation and their longer life expectancies.
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Switching to Usage-Based Car Insurance Might Save You Money
Technology now allows companies to adjust rates based on specific driving data. To get one of these policies, you need to allow the insurance company to track your driving behavior, typically through a device attached to your car. As Progressive's …
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8 Traffic Violations That Will Increase Your Car Insurance Premiums by 20% or
While these six offenses pale in comparison with getting a DUI or reckless driving insofar as insurance premiums are concerned, they can nevertheless increase one's rates by an average of 20% to 30%. On the low end of the spectrum is improper passing, …
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