Feb 26

Consolidated Services Group Hires 31 New Jersey Workers through the Jobs4Jersey Program

Hamilton, New Jersey (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

Consolidated Services Group (CSG), a technology-driven, clinically-based medical claims management provider, today announced that the company hired 31 employees through the Jobs4Jersey and Recovery4Jersey programs.

Jobs4Jersey was created to help unemployed New Jersey Residents find full-time, long term employment. The program provides tools for employers to conduct skill-based online searches for workers with the skills they need, and get referrals to qualified candidates. It also provides incentives for employers to hire candidates with employment barriers, including certain veterans, people with disabilities and general assistance recipients. Recovery4Jersey helps new employees receive on-the-job training for a specific skills set.

“As a New Jersey employer, Consolidated Services Group is committed to supporting our state’s economic recovery and creating opportunities for the many qualified workers the state,” said Michael A. Morrone, CSG founder and CEO. “As a growing company, we also have a continuous need for skilled workers. The Jobs4Jersey program enabled us to easily search for the employees we need and offer them opportunities in positions throughout our organization.”

New employees hired through the program represent 12.4 percent of Consolidated Services Group’s total workforce and 33 percent of the company’s total hires over the past 18 months.

“Jobs4Jersey is a valuable program that made it easy for us to connect with qualified workers,” said Bill Wade, human resources director for Consolidated Services Group. “The employees we welcomed through the program are a strong asset to our organization and I certainly recommend it to New Jersey employers.”

About Consolidated Services Group (CSG)

Consolidated Services Group (CSG) is a technology-driven, clinically-based medical claims management provider specializing in managed care, utilization review and bill review services. CSG offers a complete, integrated solution, including seamless collaboration through our proprietary medlogix® technology; recommendations from highly qualified medical professionals; and access to a nationwide network of premier health care providers through select PPO affiliates. CSG’s powerful mix of medical expertise, proven processes and innovative technology delivers a more efficient, disciplined insurance claims process. The result is reduced severity, lower expenses and increased productivity for the auto insurance and workers’ compensation insurance carriers; third party administrators (TPAs); and government entities we serve. Visit http://www.csg-inc.net

Feb 25

Innovation in Car Manufacturing is the topic of a new “In America” segment hosted by James Earl Jones

(PRWEB) February 16, 2015

An upcoming episode of “In America”, hosted by James Earl Jones, will predominantly feature the key innovations that exist in the car industry. The American car industry is quite a massive version in comparison to other countries. The new “In America” segment is supposed to enlighten people on the existing innovations and the future of the car industry.

Innovations in the current cars have led to the existence of extremely sophisticated machines in the face of the planet. From hybrid cars to automated cars, the next “In America” episode on car innovations will provide a look at the transitions in car manufacturing. The innovations will also include the contributions of renowned techies in the automobile industry in America.

Numerous innovations in the industry are patented annually. This trend vividly depicts the creativity of the respective personalities that are involved in innovation of cars in the United States of America and the reception that they receive from the potential clients.

“In America” is a treasured program that is disbursed to Public Television stations in the US. The show has no association with APT or PBS.

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Feb 23

San Diego Business Advisors Rings in New Year with Tax Tips

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 23, 2015

San Diego Business Advisors has been serving San Diego and surrounding areas for 12 years, providing individual tax preparation with the personalization that software packages can’t. Owner Steven Leibold suggests getting help this tax season, especially with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) issue, as people are responsible for now reporting to the IRS on their tax returns about their health coverage. Steven says, “This will especially hurt people that either didn’t have coverage at all or didn’t have coverage for the entire year; obtained health insurance via the exchanges or received the premium credit, but their income for 2014 did not substantiate the credit they received. This group will be responsible for paying a portion of the credit back.”

The New Year is a good time to remind people about tax documentation rules, as well as some basic tax planning tips. One should also take the time in the New Year to review living trusts, wills, and basic family succession planning. Some of Steven’s tips include:

Check documentation requirements for charitable contributions, as they will be different, depending on the amount of the contribution and if it was cash or non-cash.

Gather all automobile expenses, as proper documentation is key for taking an auto deduction for business owners. Mileage logs along with other contemporaneous documentation needs to be maintained by the taxpayer in order to support a deduction.

For small business owners, choose your type of business entity and employee classification wisely. The choice of how a business owner structures their business, not only may reduce their taxes, limit their legal liability, but it may also reduce their chances of further audit. This is especially important regarding independent contractors in lieu of employees, especially with the new health insurance laws in effect.

San Diego Business Advisors provide a variety of tax services, with expertise in all areas of taxation, including corporate, estate, individual, partnership and federal, local and state taxes. “I focus on being proactive and I do preventative tax work for my clients, instead of reactionary; this is especially important so that my clients are not blindsided when tax season rolls around. I enjoy what I do and try to educate my clients throughout the process,” said Steven Leibold.

In addition, Steven works with the SBDC (Small Business Development Center), presenting at a variety of workshops several times a year, typically geared towards the new small business owner. Steven says, “I want to help start business owners off on the right foot and the best way to do this is to give them a dose of reality so that they can avoid ending up deep in debt, down the road.” Dates are not set for the upcoming workshops, but they should be in May or June. Check Steven’s blog or call for more information.

The San Diego Business Advisors office is located at 3517 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 406, San Diego, CA 92108. Please call (619) 294-4286 x 351 for more information or to make an appointment.

About San Diego Business Advisors

As an Enrolled Agent with years of experience, San Diego Business Advisors works to maximize one’s tax savings with professional tax preparation services. San Diego Business Advisors is located in San Diego, CA.

About NALA™

The NALA is a full-service marketing agency providing custom personalized service for small and medium businesses throughout the United States.

PR Contact: Tiffani Tendell

805.650.6121 x361


Feb 22

Direct Auto Insurance Quotes Now Promoted at Insurance Website Online

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

Providers of insurance coverage in the auto industry can offer many options to motorists to explore each year. The Insurance Pros company is now promoting direct auto insurance quotes through its finder enabled for vehicle owners to use at http://insuranceprosusa.com/auto-insurance.html.

The emergence of more direct coverage providers has helped created the new demand for motorists to compare low cost coverage plans nationally. The new quotes that are able to be reviewed and obtained using the Insurance Pros website are valid through the remainder of 2015 to provide a locked in rate for car owners.

“There are now more divisions of insurers in more U.S. states to make finding appropriate coverage easier for motor vehicle owners,” one Insurance Pros USA rep said.

To go with the listing of direct companies available, motorists who enter the database to find better coverage for a vehicle will gain access to lesser known protection policies. Plans such as modified, rental car and collision protection can be quoted or reviewed easily using the national search finder.

“Every month of this year, our website will feature a new provider of coverage to help grow the opportunities for owners of vehicles to locate sufficient coverage at a reduced price,” the rep included.

The Insurance Pros USA website is now split into different search portals. The automotive area is one separate from the motorcycle area to divide the listings of insurers available to view. A person seeking term or universal life insurance can now access the independent portal at http://insuranceprosusa.com/life-insurance.html.

About InsuranceProsUSA.com

The InsuranceProsUSA.com company supplies insurance lookups and provider information to the general public through its safe to use portal on the web. The company connects its visitors with some of the leading agencies nationwide. The InsuranceProsUSA.com company supplies the tools to compare and review auto, business, health, life and renter insurance policies using limited consumer data types.

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Feb 19

Insurance Coverage of Eyelid Surgery

Will insurance cover the cost of eyelid surgery? Here are some things to know about Blepharoplasty.

The medical name for eyelid surgery is Blepharoplasty. This operation is one which is performed for both cosmetic reasons (appearance) and health care reasons (functionality). Cosmetically, a person’s appearance can be improved upon by the removal of excess fatty tissue which has accumulated due to the aging process. Sagging and puffiness can make a person look tired and crabby, even when they’re well rested and in a good mood. While most plastic surgical procedures are not paid for by health care coverage, some are. The reason that some are covered is because there is a medical concern as well as one regarding physical appearance. This is the case with eyelid surgery.

When a person’s eyelids become puffy and they have excess skin and fatty deposits in the region, not only does it look unappealing, but it can hamper vision, as well. In order for a person to be able to see clearly, their eyes must have an open view without any obstructions. When skin is sagging into the range of vision, this is not the case. Visual capabilities, especially in the peripheral regions, can be diminished. When peripheral vision is obscured, this can cause driving ability to become impaired and is a danger to all on the road. While there may be redundant tissue in both the upper and lower lids, it is the upper region that causes problems with eyesight.

A Blepharoplasty is performed by a board certified plastic surgeon in a clinical setting or hospital. This technique takes approximately two hours to perform and is considered to be an outpatient procedure, meaning that the patient will go home on the same day as the tissue removal via scalpel and stitches. Occasionally, patients opt to have more than one procedure done at the same time, in which case they may need to spend one night in the hospital. Examples of simultaneous procedures include brow lifts, face lifts and more. Anesthetic is administered either generally or locally with a sedative. It is considered to be general anesthesia when the patient is completely put under, while a local is the numbing of only the region in question.

After the procedure, the patient should expect pain, bruising, swelling and redness. The eyelids may also feel tight and difficult to close initially. Liquid tears will help to keep the eyes moistened during the early days of recovery. A post-op patient should have a friend or family member along to drive them home and stay to help out for a day or two. Having the companionship along with someone to cook meals and prepare a cup of tea will help much with the patient’s comfort and healing.

In order to find out whether this procedure is covered by health care insurance, it would be wise to make an initial consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon who specializes in Blepharoplasty. The doctor will do an examination which includes a visual screening. If it is discovered that there is a blockage of vision, the eyelid surgery will likely be covered by insurers.

Get eyelid surgery in Chicago as a solution to any eye or eye appearance problems you may have. For more information, visit http://www.theartofplasticsurgery.com

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Feb 18

compare vehicles

A few of us might need the posh of time and can afford to physically show up on the appropriate dealerships to check-drive and evaluate autos (although asking a salesman may not get you anyplace in this endeavor, actually). However most of us, I contend, have approach an excessive amount of to do and would favor somebody do the vehicle comparisons for us. The trick is to seek the advice of probably the most reliable sources hose who will examine autos close to fashion, comfort, price, dependability, emissions ratings, and (particularly nowadays n 2006 ith gas at over 4 bucks a gallon!) gas mileage statistics ithout having anything to realize by doing a car comparability review for us common consumers.

True, we can seek the advice of the automobile and truck forums, where aficionados and enthusiasts will clarify in great element their opinions on makes, models, and related characteristics. We can take a look at the commentaries on bulletin boards on-line, resembling these at Craigslist.com, to get an thought about which particulars (and even specific sellers) to remain clear of. But we will additionally evaluate vehicles of our liking on the premier online sites. Such sites don’t get a kick-back for high scores or critiques, and, hopefully, do not suffer the fallout when offering us with data on lemons. Such sites compare automobiles in accordance with standards, regulations, and industry specs, and offer clear, accessible, and fair and unbiased reports.

For example, one of the finest websites to seek the advice of to check automobiles before you purchase is Edmonds.com. Although you may not should be instructed this anymore, as Edmonds advertises on television, now, the positioning is a superb database of latest and used automobile info, and even features a six- or seven-part collection written by a guy who went undercover to work as a used after which new automobile salesman and return to Edmonds to put in writing concerning the experiences卆nd to maintain us unsuspecting, gullible, or trusting people in the know.

And since, as I noted above, the fuel prices are out of control, and emissions considerations are additionally at an all-time high, such websites as epa.gov (Environmental Safety Agency web site) will aid you evaluate automobiles?emission rankings and gas mileage details.

Other websites which might be useful for individuals who need to evaluate vehicles by finding out on-line embody, in fact, those which offer stories and reviews written by normal, public shoppers and shopper-centered writers/professionals. For instance, epinions.com is a website which publishes common Joe reviews, and Consumer Studies affords the reasonably nbiased?reports of those pros who evaluate autos and report back to us, to guard us by informing us. As it ought to be.

Come with me:
Discount Office Furniture
Sliding Glass Door Security Issues
Best Home Carpet Steam Cleaners

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Feb 16

A List Of Top Motorcycle Manufacturers For Purchasing Auto Insurance!

(PRWEB) February 06, 2015

Lower-auto-insurance.com has released a new blog post explaining which are the best motorcycle manufacturers and how to find affordable auto insurance.

Lowering car insurance costs is now possible simply by comparing auto insurance quotes on a single website. Insurance brokerage websites like http://lower-auto-insurance.com provide many advantages for customers who need appropriate coverage for their motorcycles.

The newly released blog post provides a list with top motorcycle manufacturers for clients who want to buy a motorbike. The blog post also explains how to find affordable auto insurance policies for a motorcycle.

Carrying vehicle insurance is important and many state laws make it mandatory. All drivers should be protected by collision and personal injury protection insurance, especially during winter, when driving conditions can be bad.

Lower-auto-insurance.com is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc.

Lower-auto-insurance.com is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit http://lower-auto-insurance.com/.

Feb 15

Senate panel backs continued insurance for Georgia's school bus drivers

Senate panel backs continued insurance for Georgia's school bus drivers
Nathan Deal's proposal to stop state subsidies that allow noncertified school employees, such as bus drivers and cafeteria workers, to be part of the State Health Benefit Plan. The plan provides insurance to 650,000 teachers, state employees, retirees …
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Website says it owns Obamacare 'Insurance Marketplace'
A state-financed website conceived as an alternative to health reform is squabbling with Obamacare-related organizations over who owns the "Health Insurance Marketplace" brand. The state-financed Florida Health Choices, which has counted 66 customers …
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State insurance cut for some school system personnel considered
A consideration on the state level to make up a large budget deficit could take a heavy toll on the local school system. Lawmakers are considering eliminating health insurance coverage for non-certified school personnel including bus drivers, nutrition …
Read more on Columbia County News Times

New York State releases cybersecurity report on insurance industry, will
The New York Department of Financial Services has released its Report on Cyber Security in the Insurance Sector and announced it will begin conducting targeted cybersecurity assessments of New York-regulated insurance companies. “Recent cyber …
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Feb 14

Nationwides Football Season Starts and Ends with Advertising Fumbles

Natick, MA (PRWEB) February 05, 2015

“While Nationwide wrapped up its football advertising season by landing in a maelstrom of consumer disapproval for its “The Boy Who Couldn’t Grow Up” Super Bowl ad, Phoenix Marketing International, a leading market research firm, has found that the large national insurer also kicked off the season with an ad that would have been better off sitting on the media sidelines due to its sub-optimal receptivity among consumers.

Over the course of the fourth quarter of 2014, Phoenix tested 51 national television commercials and 10 online display ads through its ongoing Auto and Home Insurance Brand & Advertising Audit. Phoenix evaluated each ad against its Insurance Ad Performance Indicator (“AdPi”) Model, which predicts each commercial’s ability to yield a positive response or action from consumers. While Phoenix found that most brands’ AdPi Scores were clustered in a tight formation, Nationwide’s AdPi point spread was stretched considerably to the downside by their ‘Peyton Hums’ spot, their first-ever ad featuring Peyton Manning. Turning in a similarly out-of-character performance was State Farm’s ‘Trainers’ ad, featuring Aaron Rodgers and SNL’s “pumped up” duo, Hans and Franz.

Among the five Nationwide ads that Phoenix tested throughout Q4, four of them over-performed against the Q4 AdPi norm. However, relative to these four other Nationwide spots, ‘Peyton Hums’ turned in last place scores for every one of the 35 advertising and branding measures against which it was tested. From viewers’ perspectives, ‘Peyton Hums’ fell notably short on being Clever, Clear, Credible, Informative, and a Fit With The Brand.

“The sub-par performance of ‘Peyton Hums’ is due to a contextual disconnect,” says Megan Daniels, Vice President in Phoenix’s Communications & Brand Analytics practice. “Given the prominence of insurance advertising in the media landscape, consumers have developed an expectation that insurance ads will put forth some form of a product or service value proposition. When the ads don’t, they often leave consumers puzzled.”

The Q4 insurance television ads that demonstrated the greatest potential to yield a positive response or action from consumers came from Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, and USAA. These ads, which represented an array of funny, serious, and emotional approaches, performed exceptionally well on Phoenix’s measures for being Clear, Informative, Personally Relevant, and Reassuring.

“While each of the top performing TV commercials evaluated in our Audit told their story in a different way, they resonated with consumers because of the clarity and relevance of those stories,” says Daniels. “In the insurance category, ads that don’t convey relatable information often struggle, despite their potential to entertain or break through.”

Phoenix’s Auto and Home Insurance Brand & Advertising Audit surveys 1,800+ consumers each month regarding their perceptions of insurance brands, usage, shopping behavior, and response to advertising. Brands tracked include, but are not limited to, Allstate, American Family, Esurance, Farmers, GEICO, The General, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, Travelers, and USAA.

About Phoenix Marketing International

Phoenix Marketing International is a premier global marketing services firm providing its clients with tailored, unique insight into their customers and markets via a wealth of existing proprietary data. Coupled with custom research products and the latest qualitative and quantitative techniques, Phoenix has extensive research experience across the Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, Converged Technology and Media, Restaurant, and Travel/Leisure sectors. From the strategic definition of consumer needs to effective marketing program implementation, PMI provides profit-driven market solutions and is committed to maximizing a client’s Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) by leveraging the ability to attract and retain new business through cost efficient data acquisition and statistical modeling techniques. Founded in 1999 by Chairman and CEO, Allen R. DeCotiis and President, Martha Rea, Phoenix Marketing International has established its global presence with offices in major locations such as New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham, Detroit, and London.

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Feb 12

Insurance Will Always Stay As Insurance

With regards to one of the current hottest topic in the financial industry is “Insurance” vs “Investment”. If you were to ask me, in my opinion and being in this industry, I would say that Insurance is never an Investment. It is totally two different things.

So, I cannot believe how my peers in this industry actually go out there, acting as an Investment Professional, hard-selling products as Investment Product towards clients. In my very own opinion, I would say that this practise can be regarded as mis-selling.

Why? Why is a question you would ask me? We are professionals to design and cater for the assurance needs of the client and not investment needs. Although we have an option for clients which are called “Invesment-Linked Policies”, our priority is to cater for the client’s assurance or protection needs, investment needs is secondary.

So, what is my flow when I meet my clients?

Simple, my very first question to them will be, “What is your motive in owning insurance? Protection or Capital Accumulation?”. From here, I will then do the proper fact finding to design and cater a solution for the client’s specific needs. Whatever policies that the client is about to own will be based on their needs.

I am sad to say that most of the agents out there do not practise this but instead, hard-selling and product pushing is practised. Sad? It is far worst than sad if you can see how it turned out to be for the client. I have a number of transferred cases to me with the request coming from the clients and oh boy, how shocked am I to see the type of policies that are owned by them. Not only I am shocked, they are too when I presented it and did a policy review with them.

I have one transferred case client that wishes to be covered on Accidental Dismemberment but instead she was told by her previous agent to own an Investment-Linked Policy with Accidental Dismemberment rider attached which requires her to input a premium of SG$ 150/month while the Stand-Alone Accidental Dismemberment policy only requires SG$ 17/month. Oh boy was she shocked when I presented it to her because the agent did not even bother to show her the difference between the two policies and she solely thought that the policy she owns is only for Accidental Dismemberment. Angry? Yes she is, to the point that she requested to surrender the policy with losses even after I explained and advised her not to. She still insisted on surrendering it and moved on with owning the Stand-Alone Accidental Dismemberment policy that she originally wishes to own with my assistance.

Sometimes, people choose to be blinded by agents that are specially gifted to have the ability to have a smooth and sweet talking style whose only priority is their own sales quota and company incentives instead of choosing the ones who can come out with facts and figures for logic. Now, who is to blame?

Now, getting back to the point of Insurance will always stay as Insurance. Anything that comes out from an Insurance/Assurance Company will always be Insurance. This applies to all types of policies including Investment-Linked Policies.

What’s the difference? The only difference in Investment-Linked Policies is that, instead of the company investing the premiums from you for the non-guaranteed returns on top of the sum assured, you now have the power of allocating the premiums in any of the available funds and have full control of the non-guaranteed returns.

Now, when the term “Non-Guaranteed” is mentioned, everyone gets afraid? Why? First understand why the term is used in the first place. It is because, the interest for the returns are always fluctuating. Hence, the term “Non-Guaranteed” is used. Even your savings account gives you a “Non-Guaranteed” interest rate. So why should you be afraid of the term?

A quote from Warren Buffett, “The only risk in life, is when you do not know what you are doing.”

A strong quote but a lot of people do not adhere to it. They own something without knowing what it is all about. They purchase an investment product and not knowing the architecture of it. They listen to their “trusted” agent / broker and not knowing what it is all about. When the bubble has burst, who is to blame?

So people, listen! Be it if you happen to receive a cold-call, someone comes knocking on your door or even you meet someone at a road-show. Listen, find-out, be informed and do not own insurance blindly. Ask every single detail on what it is all about before signing on the doted lines.

To end this off, again I will say that Insurance will always stay as Insurance because for the matter of fact that I can assure you, Insurance will never make you rich but it does guarantee that you will not be poor when you are old or critically ill.

I do not sell insurance and will never sell. My job is to assist my clients to own it, if there is a need.

Yours Sincerely,
Ash Ariffin
Email: pru.101@insurer.com
Web: http://pru101.blogspot.com

Ash Ariffin – http://pru101.blogspot.com